Why Can't I Be Rich?

>> Wednesday, February 07, 2007

During the weekend, I finally saw some episodes of the series "Real Housewives of Orange County" on Bravo. I was folding my laundry, so I have to give up playing video games and watch TV. It's about the latest, hottest topic on tv networks - housewives in gated community. We saw that on Desperate Housewives, we saw that on Weeds, so why not make it a reality show, right?

So I watched the drama unfolds between different characters. One of them is a good-looking social climber who is engaged with a young, handsome and rich business starter. (Obviously, she's not really in love with him, she only wants his money.) An overbearing mother that is about to drive her kids insane or into drugs and alcohol with her "interrogating" parenting skills. (Why does her insecurity with herself have to affect people around her?) A former playboy centerfold got old and fatter but she became a very, very successful real estate agent. She just sold a $15 Million mansion formerly owned by Prince and she gets $450,000 commision. She has tons of properties, she has already bought each of her kids a $1.5 million house that comes with swimming pools and memberships to golf courses. (Why can't she adopt me?)

That makes me wonder how a person can be that successful? And why can't I be that successful? Orange county and the gated community has always been depicted as a place where the social elite lives in. But what exactly makes them better than everybody else? How do they acquire that much wealth? obviously, it's a lot easier if you come from money. You need money in order to make money, if you don't have any to start with, you are pretty much going to be bond to poverty, unless you are very smart, or you go by the way of crime. This TV show just shows you how unfair reality is. In the meantime, since I'm not smart enough and I don't have the guts to rob a bank, I'll just stick to my lottery ticket and hope for luck. (Or maybe I can marry a rich guy like Anna Nicole)

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