>> Friday, February 09, 2007

I don't know if this has happened to you, but sometimes a single word or expression start suddenly appear in front of you a few times in a row. You could have forgot about it or haven't heard it for a while, but suddenly it just appears out of nowhere few times in a week. This time for me is the word "Bully", it's common enough, I've just haven't heard it for a while.

"Bully" is the title of one of the best PS2 game of the year that I planned to buy this week. "Bully" is the title of the new chapter of the online comic book of the TV show Heroes. "Bully" is something my colleague wrote in her notebook during our staff meeting. I wonder who she was referring to, is it me? My boss? Well, I would bet that it was my boss just because in the meeting he said that we are all very lucky to still have a job and if anyone who doesn't feel that way should go. And then he told us about a fundraiser he's putting together tonight and everybody should provide refreshments out of our own pocket. Can he spell S-H-A-M-E? It's quite short a notice and since I've already have plans for a 7 course dinner, I'm not gonna show up after work for an event that fundraise next to nothing with me working and paying out of my own pocket for it... I don't want to call him stupid but it's highly illogical. And if we do fundraise a small sum, he's probably gonna use it on his travels and meals anyway. So f#(k that!

So I had an attitude when I was in the meeting, given his tone... I don't consider myself lucky when I am forced to be with people I don't like, who scams me out of nearly $10,000 and wants me to pay for things like stationery and event supplies out of my own pocket. Maybe I shouldn't be here, but they are blackmailing me with my green card application. But with the attitude I'm putting out, am I actually the "Bully"?

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