>> Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A friend of three years just called me out of the blue during the weekend telling me that he left his job and is planning to reallocating to San Francisco. Of course, in order to do that he has to find a job over there first. I told him that it is such a great idea and that I wish I can do that. He ask me "Why not?"

Why not? Well, if you know me, you know that I have an excuse for everything. If I really wanted to do something, I would have done it. My boyfriend will be leaving me in August, so I guess he's not one of the more important factor. I'm applying for a green card and that's important. I need to find a job out there and that's difficult. The rent and living expense out there is a lot more expensive. Other than that I'm all for it.Me and my friend can be roomates and life seems so much more exciting in SF. It's one of the more gay-friendly cities in the States. With luck, I might be able to get my green card in May. (Knock on wood...)

Although I don't think it'll make a big difference if I restart or jump start my life yet again in another place. I'm still me, you can't run away from your shadow. But just think of how much more exciting life can be in a gay mecca and the Asian capital of US. I'll be a double majority. (Hold on... is that a good thing?)

Lately, I've identified Brazil as a place where good-looking men are from. I think I wouldn't mind learning Portuguese and moving there either. But I just saw a news article about a little boy playing around a small river and almost got eaten by a 15-feet anaconda... I'm so scared of snakes that I jump from the sight of curly branches on the sidewalk. If I see an actual anaconda in from of me, I'll definitely freeze and just let the anaconda eat me alive. So although I'm developing a liking to Brazilian men, maybe moving there is not such a good idea. Will I even dare to travel?

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