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>> Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I've been really obsessed lately with an RPG game called Disgaea2. RPG or Role-Playing Games have always been my favorite. A group of different people with different personality and skills comes together with a great sense of comradery and belonging sharing a common goal to destroy evil. What is great about it too is that through battling monsters, everybody gain experience and skills. Basically, you see these people grow up and become stronger each in their own way. Through the years, these games mostly originated in Japan has developed a culture. Most of these games include standard "jobs" such as a knight, a mage, an archer, a ninja, a healer, a thief, a heavy armored knight, a samurai. Some game let you use monsters, some let you summons some god to help out and some have people who uses guns, the games are evolving to be more inclusive and advance in graphics and music. They include mini-games and hidden treasures, constantly adding fun values to wow their audience into believing that it was $50-60 well spent. RPG are the best, it allows the player to use magic... MAGIC! It allows you to have so much imagination, who would like to light their enemy up on fire just by reciting some spells? So far the better ones I've played it's from the Final Fantasy series, the Suikoden series, the Arc the Lad series, the Persona/Shin Megami Tensei series and the Dragon Quest series. No wonder people from Japan take sick days to stay at home and play RPG after a major release. It is exactly what I wanted to do after purchasing this copy of Disgaea2.

I got myself subscribed to GameInformer magazine and they sent me the best of 2006 copy. After i skimmed throught the whole magazine and tuned out the information that is not relevant to PS2, I came out with a list of video games that I wanted to get - Bully, Disgaea2, Ape Monkey 3, Lumines Plus, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Shadow Hearts. Since each of them costs $50 to $60 regularly, I was trying to get the used ones. I stumbled into gamefly and found out that they sell used video games as well. So far I managed to get 3 of them for a combines total $90, not bad.

So I started Disgaea2, it has a great story line, and excellent character building schemes. It's so complicated that I have to depends on other online gamers' help on, it's a great site. People on it are very willing to share their expertise and help you with your problems. I go there for all my game help. In fact after I know the game well enough, I even help out others. The only problem is to complete one task in the game takes two hours, and there are so much of them that I know this game will take me well above 100 hours. I wonder what other people spend their time without video games.

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