A Dish Best Served Cold

>> Monday, February 26, 2007

I just heard it from a TV show or a movie the other day saying that revenge is not about justice, it's just to make the former victim feel better. Frankly, I don't know what's so wrong about wanting to feel better.

Last Friday, my ex-boss and me had a fallout and it makes my already terrible mood even worse. It started with the website that he hired someone to put together and since it's not done yet, he wants me to do something about it. There's nothing I can do, since he hired the person behind my back and I don't know his contacts. The guy put together something real quick just to shut him up saying that it is only a temporary draft and the final finished product will be done in a month. My boss wanted me to give him suggestions, but I told him that it is just a rough draft, we have yet to see the finished design, so it is too early to give any critiques or suggestions. He called another consultants and the other consultant agrees on me and basically told him to shut up and wait. After that he has the gall to come to me and ask me why I'm not technical savvy enough to do what he wanted. Of course, I know he intentionally said something like that to me to piss me off just because someone told him to shut up and he got upset and needed to make others feel bad as well. All the time he's pushing me to critique a website or do an interim website for the few weeks that we'll be waiting and I bluntly told him no.

Then, he called me in the conference room and told me that I'm being very negative lately and suggest that maybe I should "do something else". I told him I'm being negative because I feel like I was scammed and that I will not go anywhere else before I get my green card. And I told him that at this point I am not doing much because I don't know what my responsibilities are after our reconstruction. I requested them to tell me for months but they never gave me anything concrete. And who is he to tell me what to do anyway, he got a huge severance pay to leave but he still acts like the boss in the organization. Given everybody knows it's just another scam, he's going to come back as our boss in another form. But he made his own bed, so he should really lie in it. He ask me how we can get pass this and I told him I don't exactly know that we can, I have too much resentment stored up in how they mismanage the company, I do have lots of doubts in how the company can survive anyway. They may reinvent and reinvent the organization, rename it andrename it, it's still managed by the same S-holes. They have offended enough people that the ill-wills are enough to destroy this company.

Later that day, he came back with a new job description and a new job offering letter for me to sign. The letter is offering a brand new position for me with the same pay, but has a three-month probation period. It means that if I don't work out for them, I can be fired in three months without any reasoning. I must have the word "dumb" written on my forehead. I have been working here for six years, all the sudden I need a probation period to see whether I work out? I know their tricks enough to know that it is the easiest way to fire someone. So I refuse to sign it, how many position do I need? I'm the director of MIS and planning, and then they gave me a card saying I'm the manager of data collection and data management and now I'm something else? how can I be three things all at once? Honestly I cannot participate in their scams.

I would have been fine if they would just let me be, but if provoked I have enough documentation evidence amongst others that would leave them into tons of trouble. They could go to jail for it, ruin the careers that they think they have and also other things that can ruin their families. I do have all the contacts but I don't really want to do it because it's not in my personality. But I can certainly dedicate a year or two just to make sure they will never make anything of themselves again. They always say that the quiet ones are the most dangerous ones. I have no qualms about making myself feel better but then as long as I got what I need from them, I'll be happy enough.

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