Valentine's Day Migraine

>> Thursday, February 15, 2007

When I got home Tuesday night I got a package from someone in Hong Kong. At first I thought it was CY since I've just sent him a G-Shock earlier and he said he had something for me. But then it doesn't really looked like his address, he just moved out of his mom's. After that I thought it might be my cousin's sending me a gift thanking me for the wedding present I've sent her. Since I've not heard from her since, I thought it would just be natural. "And I was doubting her manners..." I thought to myself. But when I was opening the box and read the card, I was completely blown away.

BY has been one of my best friends and I really feel bad not being able to be there for his wedding and celebrate his first born. So I sent him a package of baby clothing, baby blanket, stuffed animals and a silver rattle from Tiffany's around the time that the baby was born. It was decidedly a bit heavy-handed because I don't remember sending him a wedding gift either. We joked and he teased me not getting married yet, so I joked saying I'm already married. I didn't tell him that it was with a guy, of course, not knowing how he would react and I really liked him as a friend. A bunch of them in college years found Jesus, and you never know what it means. So when I opened the box, I saw a card congratulating me on my wedding and wishes us "both" luck. And inside the box came a really beautiful miniature crystal vase and gold branched and leafed crystal roses from Swarovski. Honestly, I was really just joking with him and I guess he was looking for an excuse to give me back something in return.

Principe also got me some red roses for Valentine's day which was totally unexpected either and I love him for that. The only thing is he put it by the lamp for a while and almost all of them died the very next day and if he knew me well enough, he would have chosen some white or light colored flowers instead of the color he likes. "Bright red is for love" he says.

I made someTiramisu for work, because originally we planned an open house and it's Valentine's Day but we got a bit of snow yesterday morning. I've always like snow, every year I anticipate two or three days of heavy snow, so I don't have to go to work. I get cheerful when the weather goes bad. Go figure. I love rain, thunderstorms and typhoons. Is it because a Chinese psychic has told me that my elements lack water or is it because it produces a chemical reaction in my body that makes me feel happy? Anyway, I guess the whole city was hoping for a huge snow day that even a few inches got the entire city into a frantic mode and they closed all the schools. I was getting ready to go to work with my tiramisu, when I get calls after calls debating whether the office is gonna be closed and finally we came to a decisions that we won't be going to work.

So from the time that Principe was going to work until the time he came back. I was in front of the TV playing video game. I guess I must really want to finish it fast. I was getting this huge migraine all the time I was playing it too. I had some of the Tiramisu which was surprisingly good and forgot about the fact that it was Valentine's day or the fact that I need to cook dinner. I snapped out of it when he came back around 8:00pm, so I rushed out to get groceries and more flowers in the snow and that was that.

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