Some of Us Can't Afford to Walk on Glass

>> Thursday, February 08, 2007

So Cinderella III came out, I didn't even know there was a Cinderella II. Since Principe loves cartoon and fairy tales-shit, I bought him a copy. I don't understand who the hell gives Disney the rights to alter a classic story, over and over again just so that they can make a profit year after year. Isn't that exploitation? To alter a simple story that every person used to know into something completely unrecognizable. It's simply kidnapping the childhood of the entire new generation. I'm sure someone is going to go to hell for it.

But then again there is no use for fairy tales in the real world. It's morally wrong to build up the hopes of every young girls that there is a prince charming for every snow white. What if you're not white? Does it mean you're a lost cause? So Cinderella's father died and she get enslave by her stepmother and stepsisters, there are so many people out there that shares the same fate. Worst, they don't have a fairy god mother, most of them won't ever get to dance at a party or wear a luxurious gown in their life. Having a story like Cinderella to build up people's hopes and dreams is just wrong. We go through life looking for a prince and get disappointed when we don't find one. The mates we find are always more inferior by comparison. They are always not young enough, not fit enough, not strong enough, not rich enough.

All these fairy tales teach us is to have moral values, and wait... One day, that endurance, that persistance will be rewarded 10 folds by some magical beings. So we wait and wait. "NO, that gold and that silver axe is not ours, we have the cheap one." YES, stepmother, use and abuse me." Sweet dreams are made of these, who am I to disagree? Maybe the ultimate reward for being honest and nice is to go to heaven when we die, but what if there's no heaven. Won't we be ultimately duped of our right to fight for what we want? Slap that bitch I say!

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