What Can You Do With These Talents?

>> Thursday, April 08, 2010

I guess by now most people have seen this guy sing Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You". He has been deemed the Chinese Susan Boyle. More accurately he should be called the Taiwanese Susan Boyle.

Apparently "Little Fatty" here has entered puberty but his singing voice remains to be a countertenor. I really liked how close to Whitney he got, it must have took him sometime to study the song to make it so much alike. His version of Amazing Grace was a bit strained and not as stellar. It's still a very amazing thing. I suppose Whitney can hire him to sing in the background while she's miming the words, at least that way she won't be booed off stage and she won't need to pay for refunds. That is, if she has the energy to dance and pose around on stage. It's quite sad how a former superstar can't even sing or open her eyes anymore because of drug use.

I'm sure somehow "Little Fatty" will have a career in Taiwan, maybe as a singer, I don't know what kind of market a chunky boy who sings like a woman will generate. Maybe middle aged housewife who finds that cute? His nickname "Little Fatty" in Mandarin is not degrading but meant to be cutesy and endearing. I'm sure the sudden rush of international fame will help him out a lot.

In the same spirit of strange musical talents on reality competition show, there's "Big Mouth" from Pilipinas Got Talent singing Banal na Aso.

You have to say it's a little fierce. I don't know Tagalog so I don't know what the song is about or why it required a horse to neigh. He has the potential of being Philippines' Lady Gay Gay but where is there a market for scary looking gay guys who imitate animals in songs? He's too scary for children songs and I don't think anyone need an adult version of Old McDonalds Has a Farm. I'm sure he'll make a very successful modern art performing drag queen, in the realm of Sophia Lamar or Amanda Lepore.

I've seen people doing Doble Cara before, they mostly perform tangoing with themselves. Singing a duet is nothing too, too new. I sort of get turned off when Reggie Ramirez here exaggerate the femininity a little too much but the effort is definitely there. Again, what would he do if he wins the talent contest? It is definitely not star material, if you're a magician, at least you can tour in Vegas, but can you make a whole show out of dressing up in half-man, half woman gears and singing duets? I really doubt it. I do find his male singing voice attractive and I can definitely see him being a nightclub act though.

Well at least they have a talent right? And it's definitely entertaining.

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