Movie Review: Kick-Ass

>> Sunday, April 18, 2010

After walking in the zoo for hours yesterday, me and my boyfriend were tired and looking to sit and rest for a while, so we decided to go to the movie. I was sincerely pooped and thought I could possibly do the rare nap during a movie but no such luck. Kick-Ass was awesome.

The movie started out with a high-school comic book geek Dave who get bullied and robbed all the time. He wonders why there are no real life superheroes. Even without superpowers, anyone should be able to go out and fight for justice. So there's what he did, he bought a scuba suit, modified it and walked around with batons and wait for crime to happen. Without training, he got beat up a lot and ended up in an accident that screwed up his nerve endings and made him that much more persistent to pain.

After saving a person's live and became an internet sensation, he inspired a lot of people to be vigilantes, it also helped him in his personal life. More importantly, it gave ex-framed cop Damon McReady and his 11 years-old daughter Mindy a way to act on their revenge on local mobster Frank D'Amico.

While Aaron Johnson who played geeky unassuming Dave was weirdly adorable, the show stealer is Chloe Grace Moretz who played Mindy who later transformed into grimy Hit Girl. It is indeed a one-girl show, from the beginning where she gets shoot by her father Damon (who's played by Nick Cage) so she can get used to the shock and then the debut where she kills a room full of people in 2 minutes sharp. Other than leaving a massive blood trail, she also left the audience all jaw-dropped in awe.

The storyline is simple, the action satisfying. Nick Cage played Damon pretty well, though when he's wearing costume it does show that he's quite out of shape and his jaw surprisingly wrinkly. There are plenty of realistic scenes of beating people up and lots of blood, despite having a kick-ass kid in the movie, this movie is definitely not suitable for children. As an adult though, I thoroughly enjoyed it. B+

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