Happy Belated Easter!

>> Monday, April 05, 2010

This weekend has been quite exhausting for me. First on Friday I was invited to an Easter party, so the night before I've started making pastries - lemon tarts and strawberry tarts. Strawberries are right now $1 a pound, apparently the harvest is so great that it drove the price way down. Some farmers decided that they need to burn the crops in order to save the price line. So I try to take advantage of that. The supermarket I went to also gave out a free ham for their loyal customers, so with tarts and ham in hand, I got to the Easter Party around noon and didn't go home until the next morning at 8. We stayed up all night playing mahjong. It was a rare occasion.

Saturday I was supposed to go to Atlantic City with some of the very same friends for some shopping at the outlets during the day a concert at night. But after a long day of play and not having enough sleep, none of us were up to it. The mother of one of the girls is doing PR in one of the casino and she had reserved a room and tickets for us so we'd be expected to be treated like VIPs. But none of us have heard of the singer who's going to perform or any of his songs for that matter and ended up going to the burbs and had Japanese buffet having a great time complaining how much food we ate and how full we all are.

Other than it being Easter Sunday, this is also Children's Day in part of Asia and coincidentally, a Chinese festival called Ching Ming - which is a day where people visit graves to commemorate our dead relatives and ancestors. In Philly, we also had a zombie pub crawl where lots of folks dressed and made up like zombies while drinking from bar to bar on South Street. The amount of people this year is minimal, but it's still fun seeing people made up and screeching at passing traffic. There was a zombie Jesus, a zombie Hulk, a zombie Spiderman, a bride, ghostbusters and a completely unrelated puddle of blood two blocks away with some bare footprints.

I have a friend who's going to New York visiting her family grave plot and an 7.6 earthquake in Baja California which none of my friends living in the West Coast felt. No doubt it's the marking of the second coming of Jesus Christ returned as a zombie. Hopefully everyone had a good time eating. The boyfriend brought back a large amount of leftovers from his family gathering, no doubt we'll be eating that for days to come.

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