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>> Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Over the weekend, Apple has started to sell their iPads. A product with an unfortunate name. It's not quite a notebook, a notepad. The price is low enough for it to be very popular amongst hipsters and trendsetters alike despite complaints that functionality-wise it might be a bit lacking.

There has been complaints that the iPad doesn't have a camera or an USB port for different gadgets or even the utilization of Flash, a wildly popular software for most websites, though I'm sure this new toy would provide its user hours of excitement and pride for now. And if it doesn't there's always this:

And this:

Normally, I wouldn't know why people will get a new gadget just to destroy it, but since people can make money out of view counts and there's already a million counts on each of them, I guess you can earn some cash and get famous just by destroying a $500 iPad, however wasteful and stupid it is.

Personally, I never like to be a beta- or gamma-tester for new gadgets. I'm quite sure that there will be bugs like the lately reported difficulty to connect with wireless network. HP will be releasing their own version of a notepad tablet called Slate in June, Slate will feature USB ports, a video camera and memory card slots. It will be competitively priced. I wonder what is the fundamental difference between these tablet and a regular laptop. It will be wise to lower the price of everything to make computer technology that much more accessible and replaceable, so that once a laptop breakdown nobody has to break the bank to get another one.

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