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A few years ago, I was in a relationship with someone who's an illegal immigrant. I don't what you'd call it, I was probably committing a crime by knowingly harboring him but since I don't know the law and there was no manual being given to me on what I can do or can't do, I consider it fair game. I brought that up because one year, the state government or maybe it's the country decided to start coming down on illegal immigrants, hard. One Walmart decided to close their gates on their overnight cleaning crew on pay day and let the cops come in to arrest all the workers instead of paying their already low rates. Go figure. My ex told me that they started to stop cars and asking suspicious people for their IDs. That was rumored to be happening around West Chester where illegal immigrants were hired to farm mushrooms and in Norristown where a lot of them resides. I dismissed it, I mean how can cops just go around racial profiling people and asking documentations? If I were stopped on the street because I'm Asian and there are no lacking of illegal immigrants from Asia, I will feel so violated and discriminated against, but I guess it did in fact happened whether it's by the law or under the radar.

Now The state of Arizona has just passed a bill making that part of regular police work. It actually requires police officers, if they form a "reasonable suspicion" that someone is an illegal immigrant, to determine the person's immigration status. Does anybody know if it's a legal requirement for a person to carry their ID or driver's license with them at all times? I didn't know that it was. I couldn't help but feel for every Latino living in Arizona for the possibility of getting humiliated in public.

So look at the shoes if you don't see them robbing people and intentionally causing accidents on the freeway. Herd them up like animals and put a gate around them. Surely, there's no easy answers for illegal immigrants but racial profiling in the spectrum of answers is probably worst than a mandatory bar code tattooed in everyone's forearm for easy identification. While preventing illegal immigrants to enter the border might not necessarily be racism, racial profiling most definitely is.

In another racially charged news, a couple from the Great Britain was visiting Naples, Florida and while staying in the Ritz Carlton, they demanded to be served by an all-white staff. An employee sued the hotel resort for accommodating such a humiliating request. The hotel stated that after the incident, the family had been contacted and banned from the Ritz-Carlton chain but I think it was the hotel's fault for accommodating the request at the first place. I could demand to only be served by half naked muscled men, doesn't mean they have to say yes and to ban me after agree to accommodate my request is beyond bizarre.

And since I can't help myself, there's this:

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