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>> Saturday, April 17, 2010

I guess this week can be called Animals Week here. Other than going to the zoo and posting those clips yesterday, the Boyfriend also took a bunch of pictures of the various Lego Animals he owns for a children story presentation he's doing for his Korean class. So you can say we're trying to get in touch with nature, with the help of a bottle of expired Zyrtec I found of course.

Anyhow, this week's meme is found online from a blog called Migrations, a simple five-questioner that I'll spruce it up with some pictures. Hopefully I can think of some interesting answers.

1. An interesting animal I had

One day during my mid-teens, a black and white crow/parrot type bird flew in the living room where my grandma and I lived in Hong Kong. It was quite large in size with his leg spotting an obvious limp. I didn't know what to do, no birds ever came in that far before. Certainly we have shrubs and different plants on our open balcony but at most birds would just rest on the branches and see what they can pick to eat and fly away. So I threw a colander on top of him and grandma bought a huge cage to put it in later. I wanted a pet, ok? A local bird expert came over and looked at it and said it's of the speaking variety that probably escaped and flew in.

It was a mean little bugger and constantly peck my hand. I don't particularly enjoy cleaning his cage and feeding him every now and again anyway. Three months later, it opened the cage door and flew away.

2. An interesting animal I ate

The most interesting animal I've ate might be a sea cucumber, by itself it doesn't taste much but the texture is spongy and crunchy at the same time. It absorbs whatever gravy and flavor you put it in. The Chinese do a pretty good stir fry and put it in a bird's nest for weddings and banquet.

3. An interesting animal in the Museum

I guess I have wondered about the extinction of sabertooths and the woolly mammoth. The mammoth has enough hair to survive the ice age but maybe the lack of food brought their demise. Sabertooth tigers have really impressive tooth and probably can survive, so the cause for their extinction is a mystery.

4. An interesting thing I did with or to an animal

When I was a kid, my mom brought me to one of her friend's house and they have a giant fish tank. During that visit, they showed me how they feed their fish and I witnessed a few worms slowly sinking down the tank squirming around as they did. I wanted to try feeding them and they let me do a little bit of that. When they're not looking I took the whole can and "made it rain"! When they saw, they were horrified and had to change the water immdiately so they don't get so full and explode.

5. An interesting animal in its natural habitat

When I lived in Macau there used to be a lot of mudskippers in the harbor and whenever the tide falls you'll see a whole bunch of them hopping around. It's kinda cool. Also there are also dragonflies flying around too. It's very magical.

Have a great weekend!

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