How To Spot A Jap (1942)

>> Friday, April 24, 2009

I saw some disturbing pictures at 8Asians and first I thought it was some random Moleskine comics but it turned out to be from an actual booklet handed out to U.S. Soldiers during World War II. The section, posted on Ethan Persoff's blog, called How To Spot A Jap is offensively humorous or humorously offensive. I remember posting a sexist article during that time about an odd protocol for hiring female employees during that time. I guess the 40s must be full of these literary treasures.

Here they are for you to draw your own conclusions, click to enlarge for easier viewing. You might want to further explore Ethan's Blog for other rare comic gems. Really.

P.S. It's often hard to tell Asians apart. I have been mistaken for Korean, Japanese and Filipino a few times by their own countrymen. I also like how the Chinese translation on the left side of page 3 is all Who Are You?, What Do You Want?, Bring Some Drinking Water, Bring Some Food and there is no sight anywhere on the word P-r-eassse.

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