Like Pigs In Heat

>> Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It'll be the fourth day in a row where the temperatures in Philly reach 90s. The incoming of heat is dreadful, with my stuffy nose from my allergy. I feel like a pig with a flu. (Sorry!)

I just dislike heat, even though people say since I come from the tropics, I should be used to heat and humidity but no one said I wasn't miserable during the time. Sure I have an Air Conditioner but since my apartment only has one window, I'll wait it out until it cools down again which the weatherman promised will be tomorrow. All I can say is god help him if it doesn't cool down. Plus my landlord employ a very silly method of charging tenants the additional electric fee of AC usage by counting AC units from the exterior wall, me and my neighbors agree that if we wait out the inspection day which is likely to be the very first heatwave, we will not have to pay for the whole season. It's not really that much, but it kinda turns out to be a game and my upbringing will pat me in the back for being frugal.

I guess the latest buzz is the swine flu, eh? The whole world is panicking over it, even my grandma called me up at 6 in the morning asking me to be careful. After 10 years, I still don't think she knows how the time difference work, oh well... I reassured her that it's like one in a million chance for me to get it and I'd have to have a lot more human contact for it to happen. Since I'm pretty sure that pork is not of primary concerns, but one still can't help staring at the half-opened package of bacon in one's fridge... No, serious, the virus cannot be transmitted by eating pork. It's more likely that you'd get it by kissing feverish strangers. Although from the news and this pretty map, more and more people had died by the virus and a few cases had reached Philly and NJ. (It's like a zombie movie plot)

(Give it a minute to load) View H1N1 Swine Flu in a larger map, Pink markers are suspect cases, purple markers are confirmed cases, and yellow markers are negative. Markers without dots in them are deaths.

At least instead of blaming the Chinese fucking chickens, the right-wing crazies can blame the Mexicans for fucking pigs and use it as an excuse to tighten the borders. Or claim that by allowing gay marriage, god is sending pig flu our way. Maybe the Westboro Baptist Church won't go off themselves just yet. According to the case in 1976 and perhaps the example of bird flu, this thing might just last about 10 weeks. I dare to say none of us are lucky enough to die by something so exotic. History (or in this case the L.A. Times) would say that you should be more careful about the side effects from the vaccines for it than anything else.

This week will turn out to be one of the busier weeks, other than trying hard to keep my cool, there are dinners to go to with Dining Out For Life happening this week amongst other happenings. An early Pride related street fair is also going on this Sunday even though it might rain. Plus a concert, and some fun stuff at the local gay bar, it'll serve to distract. Dining Out For Life is a restaurant event where about 1/3 of your dining bill will go to a local HIV/AIDS service organization. It's a great excuse to go out and try new restaurants and meet up with friends. Almost every major city in the States hold it on different dates, so if you're interested you can go check out their websites for the dates and the participating restaurants.

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