Weekend Meme: My Fave Five Meme

>> Saturday, April 04, 2009

I'm borrowing this week's meme from Chris at Mangina Monologues, apparently another blogger and his partner has a list of people that they're allowed to have sex with if they happened to be trapped in the elevator with that person.

That prompted the age old question on which celebrity would I have sex with. But then, which celebrity would I not? Most of them are sexy enough that I wouldn't kick them out of bed. Still, not a lot of people really turns my gears. Maybe because I do recognize celebrities as inaccessible and I shut that part off or maybe I have conditioned myself not to think sex until I see them all naked? I don't know but I don't feel like I would jump most mainstream blockbuster movie stars.

So here: List your fave five sexiest celebrities, the picture of proof and some simple reasoning or explanation for your choice.

1. John Cena

The closest thing to a porn star where celebrities are concerned. There's the frat boy thing, the military haircut, the testosterone, the muscles and the skimpy costumes. I think it's the cardboard cut out at FYE that turned me on him. It still didn't turn me on wrestling though, even the homoeroticism is over the top.

2. Ryan Kwanten (aka Jason Stackhouse)

Sunny dirty blonde Ryan Kwanten, he was the reason I got hooked on HBO's True Blood. His portrayal of a horny fratboy type character who's constantly naked is so hot. You just gotta love a guy with a body like that and not afraid to show it off.

3. Dean Cain

There might have been Supermans before or after Dean, but no one comes as handsome as him. He's part Japanese, Canadian French, Welsh and Irish which probably explains his good looks. The thick eyebrows, squinty eyes, the dimples and that nice chest. (God, the top half of his face looks a bit like CuteCub) For a younger version, try Eddie Cibrian.

4. Ryan Reynolds

He was cute when he first started out in Two Guys, A Girl and A Pizza Place but it's not until The Amityville Horror that we see the buffed-up, scruffed-up, manly version of Ryan. The light furry chest on his Men's Health cover also looks quite delectable.

5. Robert Gant

I first saw Bobby on Caroline in the City, classically handsome, tall, in great shape, can't go wrong with that. I was ecstatic to learn that he's gay (as if) when he was in Queer as Folk. I got the chance to meet him once in a DVD signing event but that's about it.

Other than the top 2, the others are just pretty to look at. Other celebrities that I find pretty also include John Corbett, David Boreanaz, Dominic Purcell, Matt Battaglia, Brendan Fraser, Nick Lachey, Ray Stevenson, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I seem to go for married white guys with a big forehead, thick eyebrows and spiky hair. I'm also dismayed that it seemed to be few muscle cub/bear type celebrities, Richard Karn from Home Improvement is the only bear I can think of. It'd be so much easier for me to come up with my top five porn star crush.

Hey, just because I'm the master of my domain and on a diet doesn't mean I can't have some eye candies, right?

Have a good weekend!

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