If Food = Love Then Food Contrains = Conditional Love

>> Friday, July 27, 2007

I have yet another theory. It is not uncommon for people to equate food as love psychologically; my grandma constantly feed us to show her affection and a bunch of people growing stuffing their face whenever they feel sad. I have to admit that this is part of the reason why I have been overweight, so I find people with self-inflicted dietary constaints very strange.

Well, let me clarify that. I understand the part about food allergies or medical requirted dietary change, but people like vegetarians or people that simply won't eat a particular kind of meat, or seafood is a bit strange for me in concept. Principe won't eat pork or shrimp or anything remotely hard like nuts or even portabella mushrooms.

For me love is all inclusive, to put constraint on love makes it conditional. It is not love anymore, it is trading, a bargain of sorts. I don't know if it makes sense, but people with dietary constrains always has some kinda odd personality. They seems to be more self centered, everything is about their choices and their likings. They seem to define themselves more of what they wouldn't do than what they would do and often disregard other people's preferences. Their constrain becomes a rule not only for themselves but for other around them as well, other people are constantly being reminded of what this person can't have and have to make changes so this person won't be offended. Does this person have those restraint just because he/she needed the attention?

I eat almost everything and I'm damn proud of it. Brought some stir fried shrimp once to an office gathering and my colleagues looked at me like I was trying to poison them, "We don't eat shrimps!" they said. A lot of people won't eat sushi and if you're bringing them to a restaurant other than a diner or a fast food restaurant, be prepare to explain everything to them. Aw... what a bore... have some adventerous spirit, try something new in your life. God forbit you might like it, and if you don't at least you'll know from then on. Quit hiding yourself from the world and explore a little!

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