Movie Review: The Simpsons Movie

>> Monday, July 30, 2007

Of course, everyone who's writing a review of The Simpsons Movie have to mention how they have been huge fans of the TV series or how significant it is to the American culture in general and honestly, who doesn't love The Simpsons?

The story is about borderline retarded Homer adopted a pig and dumped its waste in Lake Springfield against the wishes of Marge and environmentaly concerned Lisa. The waste turned Lake Springfield into an environmental disaster and the government leads by President Arnold Schwarzenegger has developed a giant glass shield to cover all of Springfield to contain the pollution. Chased by his fellow Springfielders, the Simpsons escaped through a wormhole and decided to move to Alaska while the government announced its plan to destroy the town and make it the site to the new Grand Canyon. Meanwhile, the Simpsons family is at the point of falling apart due to Homer's shenanigans. Bart having been humiliated by Homer one too many times, secretly wishes to be adopted by the Flanders. So while Homer refuses to ever go back to Springfield, the rest of the family left him and go back to Springfield. It took an epithany for Homer to realize what he has done wrong and the Simpsons reunited and returned to save the day. (Did I gave away too much?)

I think the writers of the movie are pretty comfortable with the fact that the viewers have all seen and are deeply familiar with almost every characters of the show, so we don't see a lot of character development. I would have loved to see more of Crusty, Apu or Principal Skinner, but everything is focused on family interactions. We don't see big musical numbers with clever lyrics like we use to, instead there are a lot of political jokes. Funny, yes but I'm also feeling some important elements missing, though I still had a good time.

I'm have to say I'm slightly disappointed, but I'm hoping to go to a nearby Kwik-E-Mart soon so I'm not missing some major components of the whole Simpsons experience.

P.S. The best quote of the movie comes from President Scwarzenegger: "I'm elected to lead, not to read." C+

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