Missing Home

>> Thursday, July 05, 2007

I had a rare chance to chat with my girlfriend last night to catch up on the latest news of our mutual friends and recount the past. With all their busy life, it's hard to get people to come together and see each other. But then she told me the problem is some of the friendships has fallen apart and when you invite one of them, the other might not show up because they might not want to see each other.

It's the classic story, really. Two guys wanting the same girls and then one of them got her, and the other gets jealous. Why do they think there's only one girl out there? Why not expand your circle? Half of the human population are girls. Former best friends goes at odds because of one girl. That's just dumb.

Recounting my past how I've fought with my then best friend for some misundertandings, it does seem completely silly. If I see him now, maybe I would give him a nod or a smile, but I don't know if we can reverse the damage.

God, I miss my friends and Hong Kong.

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