Christmas Spoils

>> Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I have to say I made a pretty good meal on X'mas day. Principe Rana didn't have to go to work, so I thought I want to do something special for us. Filet'ed some chicken legs and marinaded them into chicken steaks and put them on the grill. Chicken steaks are pretty much my favorite meat in the word. I put the leg bone and some vegetables and spice into some boiling water and simmered them for hours to yield some broth out of them and use the broth to make a mushroom barley risotto and did a side orange salad. Got some tiramisu and some champagne and that was it. Everything tasted pretty good and especially loved the risotto.

So I was proud of myself and all, and was gonna reheat the rest of the risotto for dinner tonight, but found it to be spoiled. I was so pissed off, why is it always the things that test the best who got spoiled? I was hoping to save it for dinner tonight and since it's winter, I thought I could have left it out. Ah... now I have to make instant noodles and serve it with the leftover chicken steaks. Funny, cause I made some roasted root vegetables last week and come to find out that I don't really like root vegetables that much. I put them in the fridge and that are still okay.

Now I'm thinking of planning a trip to the Bronx Zoo with Principe. Since I got him an expensive semi-pro camera, we might as well put it to good use. Find out once I transfer the photos from the memory card and delete them, I can't transfer the photos back to the memory card. Guess I have to buy another gadget to do the task. In chinese, we call it "Pick up a dark belt and lose a fortune." Because all the other accessories that you need to get to go with the first thing you pick up is gonna cost a fortune. In the future, I foresee a tripod, a few more lenses, a remote clicker, another memory card, a printer and more... It was a bad idea to start with, god knows how I'm gonna afford this hobby.

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