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>> Thursday, December 28, 2006

Since Principe Rana's watch is breaking apart, I thought it would be kinda romantic to buy a pair of similar watches and call them our "wedding bands". I had a "Mr. G-Shock" and used it for the past 10 years. It hasn't break on me yet, I find it very reliable and so I decided to shop for some new Gs. So I went around and looked and find myself very attracted to a blue faced G-511D and since Principe loves red, I found a G-520D4 that he might like. Bid for them on Ebay and I paid for shipping and handling which comes to about US$80 each. Not a bad deal considering they cost about $150 to $200 each. Then I got a text message from my Ex-boyfriend that says: "Grow up and start realizing what you can't be without me." What the hell? we went out for three years and broke up five years ago and I ignored all his late night phone calls and messages. They say the grieving time of a relation is half of its duration. Man, he's way over his limit. He was bitter and depressed and a lot older than me, not to mention a racist, fat and broke. I realized what I can't be when I'm with him - happy, and that's why I dumped him. Now when I look back, I wonder why I was with him that long to begin with. I must have high tolerant to pain and suffering.
I went to Express Men and got a nice sweater for $40, but there's only one good color, so I only got one for myself and didn't get Principe anything, so I feel tremendously guilty. Strange, eh? I went to the dentist and he scolded me for not going to see him and that my tartar built up is horrendous, and he wants to do a special procedure on me that would cost me $1,200. So, I haven't go and see him for three and a half years and only see him before I lose my dental insurance, big deal! My colleague JH went to see another dentist that is the boyfriend of the owner of the bar he frequent and the guy did not even charge him a cent. I guess it's good to be good-looking, sociable and popular. Why can't I be more like him? My dentist literally used 'scare tactics' on me, which was irritating. "Do you know that people with gum disease tends to have diabetes, stroke, heart attacks?", "You're young, but I hate to see you throw your life away." C'mon, give me a break! I might as well be doing drugs or something. It really did put me in a foul mood.

My boss just called me and ask me if I mind going to work and help moving the server and other peripharals. I know he's lying when he told me that the building needs us to move out of the space before Friday, because the building manager specifically told me that we can take as long as we want. He just say that because he likes to annoy other people. I'm on vacation, and if he can get me out of vacation to do this for him, it's make him feel important and powerful. If I go to work tomorrow and do this for him, they'll just be able to use it for tomorrow afternoon, everybody will be off Saturday through Monday and back on Tuesday anyway, so what's the point? I should have never took his call when I see my caller ID anyway, stupid me. I wish I win that immigration lottery thing, get my green card and get the hell out of this company.

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