Fogo de Chao (X'mas Meal 06)

>> Tuesday, December 26, 2006

So I finally tried Fogo de Chao, twice, this week. The whole experience of this restaurant is more like an adventure. They give you a card which one side is red and the other side is green. When you flip it to the green side, a wasp of waiters they called 'gaucho' will come circling by with a big chunk of roast meat in their hands, asking whether you want some or not. And these gauchos won't stop coming by unless you flip the card back to red.

The whole restaurant is a bit intimidating, the service is a bit too much. They take your coat which is normal, they pull and push your chair when you are sitting down, even if you are a guy. They came by two or three times asking you how things are. They change your plates every 10 minutes. The manager comes by to have small talks every now and then to make sure you are having a good meal and a great time. One waiter came to deliver juice and complimentary fruit for the kid, so I said "Thank you." and he replied "MY PLEASURE!!!" with tons of enthusiasm, which I thought was scary. It's feels like a cult or that he got brainwash or something. Noboby is that nice.

So 15 cuts of meat circling by every minute. There's filet mignon, rib-eye, bottom sirloin, sirloin, top sirloin, beef ribs, lamb chops, leg of lamb, filet mignon wrapped in bacon, garlic beef, chicken breast wrapped in bacon, Chicken drumsticks, pork ribs, baby back ribs and pork sausage. Every table comes with non-stop garlic mash potatoes, platanos and fried polentas, there's also a salad bar with exotic things like heart of palms, artichoke hearts, smoke salmon and shiitake mushrooms alike. The meats here tend to be on the salty side and we paid nearly $60 per person, but I have to say on occassion, this is a nice experience.

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