>> Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The auditors are here for the nth time, it's so many times that I practically lose count. There are auditors that we hire and there are the one's from the feds and there are the one from the states. It's like a tag teamed match and we are the ones getting beat all the time.

Whenever we have auditors in house, our CFO get all crazy. She get very tense and pissy and she'll start badmouthing the performance of other staff. The weird part is that she won't criticized me and she trust me immensely. There's a good working relationship between us. I do trust her too, she seems to be the fairest of them all. (Like Snow White...) But it translate to coming to me for help everytime she hits a block. I was happy to help her at first, and I know that nobody else can help her. But after a while it gets tiresome and she can be quite unreasonable under stress. I mean, she'll ask me to help her with these humongous tasks. Those things take up so much of my time that it is all I do for a very long period of time. It's not even in my job description, but because of the people that works on it f#^k up so bad that I have to do it for them, so we can be good in the eyes of the auditors.

And those auditors are so high and mighty, they have an attitude like they are there to get us. Watching over our every move and when we tell them how things come to be, they get very suspicious. I don't really need them to trust us, I could care less. Talk to my finance people, it's really not my job to convince them of what I or our other staff do. Bite me. Maybe they don't like my boss, I can understand that. They might wonder how come the whole week that they are here, they only see my boss in the office for three hours, but take that up with him. I don't have any control over my boss, I don't need to defend him or cover for him.

It's X'mas and I really don't feel like working hard for them or seeing them around at all. Come back in February, we'll talk.

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