Crash and Burn

>> Thursday, December 14, 2006

It is extremely irritating that my bosses do not know what they are doing. I wonder how they got to be where they are. I know how our deputy director got to be where he is, he had been in a relationship with our executive director for the past eight years, but how did our executive director got to be where he is? Somebody once told me that it is not crucial for a manager to know how to work, his/her job is only to manage the people who works. That would explain how my bosses don't work at all.

It is extremely irritating that they only come in whenever they want and do not know nothing about what's going on in the organization and won't even except responsibility when something goes wrong. I'd like to think that maybe every boss is the same or maybe every employee thinks that their boss is a jerk, but mine somehow just seems to be bigger jerks.

For example, he told us that after December, since our company is downsizing and has limited resources, he would leave our organization and stay on as a consultant. It seemed to be a great thing for a great guy to do at that time, but he would get a huge severance, a consulting fee and he talked to the board so he would be re-hired in February and a sign-on bonus. Basically, he would double his salary with this little skillful maneuvre. Plus, the deputy director would get a raise during that period for acting as the executive director and after the other one comes back it is unlikely that his salary would go back to normal. Getting a big raise when the company is downsizing, what a move! He told everyone that he is a senior staff he would get two weeks of severance for every year he has been here and all other staff would just get one week per year, forgetting that once in a meeting he practically made everybody a senior staff out of spite, but of course he now denies it when it affects his own money.

Five of our staff toured South America for three weeks, using $20,000 on air fare and food and hotel to 'get business'. But it is a leisure tour, some of the staff who goes there don't even speak Spanish. So there's not a lot of money to pay severance, and for other things needed in the office, he'll just say 'We don't have money!'. It wouldn't have upset me much, but a staff who has been here for 14 years just came to me the other day and ask me whether she can go to the food bank and get food.

The board is composed with people who don't care or friends with my bosses who are easily deterred by lies. They are all people that can be easily controlled by my bosses. They are there mostly for the vanity of it. Most of those people are quite uneducated and mostly don't know how a board should be. Of course I quite appalled that the deputy has f#*ked his way to where he is today and how my boss, an executive director of a non-profit and doesn't do a thing can earn more than the mayor of our city. But if he is the one who sets his salary, there is really nothing that anybody else can do. Any actual work that they have to do they hire a consultant. I'm pretty sure the fate of this organization would end miserably and I hope I'll be able to get out and get what I need from this before they do.

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