Schadenfreude For Britney Spears

>> Monday, September 10, 2007

In the midst of despair, it's always nice to know that I'm not the only one in misery.

Holy cow, did anyone else saw Britney Spears opening for MTV's VMA? I was never too much of a Britney Spears' fan. It embarasses me to admit it, but I did like a few of her songs. They are catchy enough to stay in my head for a while and sooner or later I get to like them but last night's performance is something else.

Oh my god, the song is simply horrendous. She's flabby and her performance was quite sleazy and horrible. It's really too bad, she used to be so proud and call herself an entertainer. She used to give out great performances. All the sudden, the star turned into a mom who gave birth to two children. There's nothing wrong with getting married and giving birth, it's just in the process of doing so she shattered the fantasy that is Britney Spears.

There were three Britney songs that got leaked out to the net and I heard them all from Jonny McGovern's podcast and they all seemed quite mediocre. My favorite one is a ballad seems to have meant for Christina Aguilera, but the only thing is Britney hasn't got the voice for it and all the rifts seems to be so wrong.

I guess a lot of stars are too young, too immature and they haven't really figured out life yet or they just want to do it all when they are still young. But once you achieve stardom, what else is left? And after putting all the hard work in to achieve your ultimate peak in life, wouldn't you want to act out to reward yourself? And what happens after you flopped? After your career is ruined and you have been deemed to be a one trick pony, a has-been? What's left in your life? Can you compare your monumental success with all the little simple pleasures that's left?

Would I be able to stop comparing my future love(s) to Principe?

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