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>> Monday, September 03, 2007

I guess I haven't really been alone for a long while, I'm really scared. I'm still hoping that he's gonna walk through the door at the end of the day with that smile on his face. I'm going insane here screaming inside.

He called me from a phone in the Buenos Aires airport today. I didn't know what to say, what's important enough to tell him on the phone that he didn't know already. Thank god, DC came down to spend half a day with me. I needed to get out of the house so bad. I can't stand to be alone anymore.

How much longer until the pain ends? The seven stages of grief has left me in depression, when's my acceptance and hope gonna set in? I knew he was gonna leave for a while, then why do I still feel so miserable?

How does one live alone? If only I can focus all my energy to think about the future and not the past.

"Family, there's nothing more important, they are the ones who's
who show up when we're in trouble, the ones who push us to succeed, the ones who help keep our secrets, but what of those who have no family to rely on? What happens to those poor souls who have no loved ones to help them in their hours of need? Well, most learned to walk life's rope by themselves, but a sad few of us simply stop trying..."

I wish I could learn how to walk life's rope by myself, I have serious doubts on what the purpose of my life is. I wish I wouldn't dwindle in self-pity right now.

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