My Past Is Still Haunting Me.

>> Saturday, September 15, 2007

I can't believe it but my ex is still sending me horrible text messages, calling my phone and not say a word and ringing my doorbell at two o'clock in the morning.

About ten days ago he sent me a text message saying he needed to talk to me and as usual I ignored it. We were together for only three years and we broke up six-seven years ago, I don't understand why he still have a hang up. After a few days, he texted me again and say that his health ids deteriorating and there's something really important that he needed to tell me. Well, I talked to DC and we decided I won't be able to help whatever is happening to him and I'm afraid that he will come back and stalk me again so I ignored him again.

Well yesterday he text me and cursed me out. He said to me that he is now HIV Positive. It is a shock, since he is such an unlikely candidate. He's getting so much older now and in no way is he attractive and he doesn't seem to be the type that uses drug or sharing a needle. he must have contracted it from sex, but who would do him and why would he go unprotected? My guess is that he has a tendency of getting drunk and after he's drunk he will lose his judgement. Well, most of the harassment I get from him is when he is drunk anyway.

Now, I'm afraid that he will try to stab me with an infected needle. He is angry all the time. I can't say that he deserved it, I don't think anybody does. I don't understand why he feels the need to tell me though, what does he want me to do?

The past is always following me around, can't shake it.

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