Before, During and After 9/11

>> Monday, September 11, 2006

I had a great time Friday night going out with a few of my colleagues to a martini restaurant in town called "Continental". I laid off my diet completely and had the best mashed potatoes I've had for years. I got a cocktail and I felt the alcohol rushing through my veins. I felt a little tipsy right after one little drink. I have to admit that i'm not really well trained in that department. The most I can fathom is about 3 to 4 cocktails, anything aroun 4 or 5 then it's sure that I'll be spending the night throwing up my dinner. But that little drink made me really "happy", happier than I've felt in a long time. We had several asian-influenced dishes and some desserts. One of them announced that she maybe pregnant, she tested a weak-positive. So I got us a piece of cake with a candle on top to celebrate.

I decided to go off my diet for several days, because it's restaurant week and I've decided to join the fun. So since then, I've had two ice creams, two bowls of noodle, a fruity lychee drink, fries, a filet-o-fish sandwich, a tiny piece of bread, a kit kat bar, an orangina and I made four dozens of gyoza from scratch. I gained a pound or two because of that. I thought it would be fun to make gyoza, it was quite easy. and the pleating of the edges was fun. I'll be back on the diet starting tomorrow.

My boss is sending me to a meeting in Harrisburg tomorrow, I go there every other month, but since we are closing soon, this meeting is pretty much meaningless and yet I have to put up a facade to got there and talk to people who pretend to be concerned of our current situation. My boss don't want to deal with them and I don't either. I rather use the time to do some actual work, or even go home and play on my PS2. I'm on "Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories" right now, it's really amusing and addictive. Spent the whole day yesterday doing laundry and doing unique jumps and paramedics in the game.

I just got back froma chest x-ray and I'm gonna be in a "jacket required" restaurants for "restaurant week" tonight. I'm wearing jeans though, I hope they let me in. Honestly I can't stand these snobby restaurant that requires a certain dress code. I'm the one who's paying, I should be the one who rtell them what they should be wearing, not the other way around. We'll see.

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