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>> Friday, September 08, 2006

Since I know that I might not have a job soon and my medical insurance may be gone, I have been scheduling a lot of medical appointments just in case. I went for my regular doctor to do an annual check up, told the doctor my latest efforts to remain healthy. He didn't say yea or nay but told me that I've lost 10 pounds since my last visit. I told him I'm at the age that I'm slightly worried about getting diabetes and he said by losing the weight that I planned to lose, I would less likely to get it. I also told him I want an allergy test done to find out what kind of allergy I might have so I can avoid them.

So I got blood drawn, went to the allergist. She turned out to be a "Dr. Kylie" type. (If you watch MadTV, you'll know who I'm referring to). Her last name is spelled "Cheung", so I figured she might be from Hong Kong and she was. I was telling her all the symptoms I have, the shortness of breath, stufinees in the morning and at night especially in winter, stuffiness after eating MSG, first time in my life to have mild allergic reaction during spring... etc... She was quite chatty and explained to me why she can't do an allergy test for MSG and she can't do any allergy test especially since I took Advil Cold and Sinus last night. She was really friendly and told me I had big tonsils. I ask her if that was a compliment and she can't stop laughing. She asked me tons of questions and some questions I don't even know if they were necessary, I got a feeling that I was being hit on. So when she asked me whether I was living by myself, I said: "No, I live with my partner." She was all: "Alright, ok!" lifting her hand up in the air and turned around. Honestly, that was quite amusing.

She did a lung test for me where I have to take a deep breath and blow in a tube real hard for like 8 seconds. We did it three times and my results comes to around 66% of a normal people. I thought that would explain why I never really knew how to swim and I never did well in sports. After that she gave me an inhaler and have me do the test again, the result wasn't that different. I don't quite know what it means, but she recommended for me to do a chest X-ray and another full scale respitory test. So my lung capacity is much smaller than a normal person, I don't think it's that big of a deal. I have been around smokers all my life, it might be the reason for that. Maybe it's all tarred-up, maybe I have a smaller pair of lungs, maybe I have lung cancer. I wasn't planning on living that long anyway, it's not financially stable to live that long and let's face it, who wants to live that long without a little bit of money and all alone to wait for death? I rather die when I'm still young and not wrinkly. Maybe it's just me.

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