Week of Feasts

>> Thursday, September 14, 2006

Since I've been "abandoned" my diet, I've been eating pretty good. Monday night I joined a colleague of mine and we went to one of the restaurants for restaurant week. It was great, 3 course dinner for $30. A lot of prestige restaurants participated and we managed to stumble into one of the best restaurant in the city - Le Bec-Fin. They used to be a five star restaurant, but recently some critic took a star away from them, I wonder why.

From the outside, it looked like a secret club. The restaurant is behind two sets of doors. I was expecting snobby waiters full of attitude, but our waiter John was more than friendly and accomodating. The decor was old victorian glamour, I was quite impress with their decorative silverware, a big silverplate that got swiftly taken away upon our order. The food was pretty good. I ordered a chicken fois gras for appetizer, roast pork loin for entree. My friend ES got chicken galantine for appetizer and the braised lamb shank for entree. We both have tiramisu for dessert. The food itself was not bad and the environment made the whole experience a lot better. The only complaint I have would be the tiramisu, it taste like it was just defrosted because there were a little trace of ice and the bottom pastry layer was a bit watery.

Tuesday I was supposed to go to Harrisburg for a pointless training meeting but I stayed home instead. Went out with Principe Rana and we went for Vietnamese Pho. Of course when I come back to work on Wednesday I just told everyone how mundane and boring the meeting was and everybody ate it up. When I get to the Gym last night my legs were killing me, but I still burned my 350 calories plus 150 crunches. Maybe somehow I'll end up without my tummy. Made some beef dumpling last night and went to the Cheesecake Factory today for lunch. They had a Da Vinci pasta that was really excellent, mushroom, onion and chicken in a marsala sauce over penne. The lunch portion was humongous, I wonder what the full portion is like. Got myself an irish coffee (drinking on the job, I know!) and got a piece of Toblerone cheesecake which was alright, but I only had half of it because I was so full. (Although I snuck two bites of strawberry shortcake from my colleague's plate when she went to the bathroom, the strawberry sauce was sickly good!!!)

For dinner tonight me, my friend ES and her son Ken went to Mama Palma's for Pizza. We ordered three small pizza and a piece of cake. They have gourmet pizzas at Mama Palma's, we ordered a pizza di mare which is topped with shrimps, mussels and scallops, a peking duck pizza and a hawaiian pizza. Of course, the pizza di mare was my favorite. The cake was a canoli cake that is moist and tasty. Ken is 2 and he is a cute little guy that like to get his mom's attention by pointing at thing and asking "What's that?", his main language is Japanese and I had a hard time following. He loved the cheese in the pizza and he ate most of the cake and the whipped cream and the chocolate chips. He was really cute. I was originally worried because online, they said that the restaurant wasn't really kid-friendly, but they were ok and Ken is really a good kid. Knowing that I might never have children, I really do enjoy Ken's company. It gives me a sense of my alterlife.

I think I'm going back on my diet soon, I already gained 3 pounds within this week of "diet vacation". ES told me about lyposuctiona dn that it only costs about $1,000. That might be really a lot easier if I do that. Suck, suck, suck and done. That's so American. Throwing money at our problems, it's a lot faster and easier.

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