End of the Four-Day Weekend

>> Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I don't know if exercising makes one stronger or not but I know I got sick. A cold, itchy throat plus sneezing and runny nose. How attractive is that? Thank god I made an appointment with my doctor weeks ago for a detailed check-up. I figured if I'm not gonna get insurance soon, I might as well get everything checked up first. I also got something on my back and arm that need to be cut out by my dermatologist. It's a vanity thing, but my insurance covers it so might as well.

So I am sick, but I'm still gonna go to the gym. I was sick Monday but I went anyway. I heard that you shouldn't exercise when you have a cold because it will just make you sicker. I wonder if I'll lose more weight by being sick. When did I become so concious about my appearance? I don't think I used to be like this.

Went to the aquarium with Mi Principe Rana, I had a good time. It was raining like hell, but being out is absolutely more fun then staying at home. Touched a shark, took some pictures and used my video cam. He's a freak for pictures, so all of the pictures are pretty much about him. I'm really camera shy, ever since a few years ago a friend took a picture of me and I see how huge I have become. The new season of "House" was on last night, great show, loved the episode. It's like a detective show for medicals and I'm a freak for detective shows. On "Queer Eye" they have 2 people participating on a weight loss program, they came in right under 240 lbs and after a few months of gym and diet they have lost 50 lbs. I want to lose 50 lbs. My goal is to able to take off my shirt next year at the beach. Well, I'm hitting the gym after work today. Let's all cross our fingers.

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