The Uniter, The Divider and The Decider

>> Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"I'm a uniter, not a divider." George W. Bush described during his presidential campaign in 1999. I forgot what he was referencing at that point of time, but he may not be wrong at all. Well, he is further dividing the country into the rich and the poor; fading out social security and medicare, granting tax cuts for the rich. He is dividing the country to pro-religion and pro-choice; retracting abortion rights, refusing to legalize gay marriage, claiming god spoke with him to initiate the war on Iraq, disregarding science and even human evolution. He also managed to drive the country into intellectuals and blind followers; attack Iraq for 9/11 when fifteen of the nineteen hi-jackers are from Saudi Arabia. Did the States asked the richest country of the world to explain why? No, we need their oil. When the Dixie Chicks spoke out against the president and pointed out that Americans should not blindly follow the administration and not questioning the facts, they became the traitors. Well, f@#k you Toby Keith. A public apology to admit that you are the stupid red neck that we thought you were would be nice. If anything George W. Bush has managed to unite, he managed to unite the whole world against the United States. He managed to make the whole country feel like they were duped.

He's current approval rate is 35 percent. That makes you think, doesn't it? How do they get this approval rate? Nobody I know were surveyed about this. What population composes this 35 percent? Military freaks? Homophobes? Bible thumpers who are too scare to find out humans came from apes? I have a colleague who's an environmentalist, an alcoholic and a swear by the book republican. She's our CFO. There's no way I can convince her that there's something wrong with the administration right now, she won't hear any of it. She argues that if John Kerry or Al Gore had been the president, it wouldn't have made a difference and only industries (Republicans) can have the power to help the environment, while individuals (Democrats) can't do much by themselves. If that's the only choice we have (or you have, I don't consider myself American yet), I'm scared.

But I do think anything is better than George W., Watching him on TV is like watching North Korea's Kim Jong-Il. Let's see how big of an idiot can he make himself into this time. I'm not from here and still I get embarrassed. How can you Haliburton contracts of everything when you have heavy ties with that company? How can you not be responsible for ignoring warning signs of September 11 and ignoring the evacuation procedures for Katrina? How can you have a deficit and still giving big tax cut and hope for the "trickle down" effect? This president has failed his country for so many levels and yet he has got a 35 percent approval rate? Approval for what? This country deserves better.

I do think in order to become the president, they should at least get an IQ and an aptitude test. Hell, if I need to go through exams after exams and my university is not even offering me a job. Now we are rounding up immigrants and sending them back home, holding a child or two on camera to speak against stem cell research. Everything is a press opportunity, everything is a prop, and all for the wrong reasons. Where's the dignity? People should be mad as hell by now, but there's no consequences to his actions. And that's why I'm never fond of politics and politicians. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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