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>> Wednesday, July 26, 2006

There's a young mother working in my office that keeps inviting me to have dinner with her family and I'm trying to find every excuse I can to decline her invitation. "I'm on a diet!" I said. I'm not even making an effort to lie anymore. I find her annoying. She has made every decision in her life just because she craves for attention. I get annoyed easily with people like her. She likes to tell people stories that she finds funny and interesting while fails to deliver. In meetings, she tries to give you her opinions in any issue but then she'll start rambling on and on until finally she forgot what her point was. Four years ago, she married a Chinese guy then they had two children. She brings them to work and breast-feeds in front of everybody, comes to work only when she feels like it and leaves early. Her children are in an age that they run around our office. Noe, she brings them to meetings, so they can scream and yell and disrupt everybody. But yet she acts like it's normal and children are supposed to yell and scream. While I don't debate that is what children do and mothers should spend time with their kids, I do dislike the fact that she brings them not only to work but to meetings, and some important meetings where our clients and work partners attend. Her boss is an idiot, so that's why she gets to do that and not get fired in the process.

When I first met her, she wasn't like this. She was this little single, considerate Russian girl. It shows what marriage and kids will do to you. We used to hang out with his now husband and do dinner parties at her place. I was the one who cooked all the time. Her husband went through a phase that he had absolutely no income, and was building major credit card debts and nearly had to move out the place that they were living. Yet she insisted on buying the most expensive clothing and strollers for her kids, because she had a tough life and now she wants to make sure her kids have the best. I can understand that but she needs to live by her means, I'm sure her kids life will not be that great after the credit card companies repo those stuff and they have to live in a tiny place because they have bad credit and needs to sell the place that they are living in. But it's her life, I can't teach her how to live it. It's just kinda messed up, that's all.

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