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>> Friday, July 28, 2006

You know, ever since I have my own blog I have been kinda obsessed over it. Everyday I thought to myself: "What should I write about today?", it certainly added some context to my, otherwise, empty life. I drag along my laptop to random coffee shops and type away for hours at times. The staff there don't mind, I make sure I get a cup of tea or soda every so often, and usually they are not that busy anyway.

Every morning, I wake up, get ready for work, I have a habit to turn on the TV, see how the weather will be and then turn to NBC for their Today Show. I like their Today show because of the short segments they have, it's short, concise and to the point; it works for people with ADD like me. Sometimes, they even have some great singers, like Tony Bennett, Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, performing live for them. It's like a concert and I don't have to pay.

Well, this morning I was watching the show again and saw a segment and I thought: "Bingo! Blog material!" Don't get me wrong, it's not something as outlandish as mummies coming alive, but they are selling packaged ice. It's not those one two dollars a huge bag kinda deal. They are selling it in nice little plastic trays with spring water inside for $5 and you, my fellow consumers, are suppose to put them in your freezer and wait until they solidify. So they sealed them up with a lid and give them names like "Aqua Ice" and "True Blue", big f#@king deal. I can buy a bottle of spring water and make ice with it and I would still have save a couple of dollars. Are they kidding me with this? And yes, the ice is in water form when you purchased them. The whole concept is just so stupid that I wonder why haven't I came up with it first. And I'm sure there'll be a bunch of assholes buying these "liquid ice" and stick in their freezer. Give me a break, just give me a break!

I mean, they came up with canned mountain air a few years ago but this is taking it a little too far. Mental note: My next project is to manufacture a spring-water-toilet-flushing-system and make a bundle out of it.

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