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>> Thursday, November 23, 2006

So it's been 16 days since my last entry, I have been quite busy. Aside from knitting the blanket that I've been working on forever, I've been doing an oil painting and playing a video game called "Okami". It's quite crazy at work too. The transition into a new organization has commenced and there are lots to do. We have been scouting for a new office space, contacting real estate agents, visiting different buildings. I visited a space in a prime location and was really happy about it, because it was all ready to move in the rent is a $5,000 higher than what we are willing to pay, but at least the space is very "respectable". If a client or funder happens to stop by, at least we will look serious and professional. The first 7 floors in our building right now is occupied by a mental health agency, and let me tell you that the elevator scene are not pretty. But all my effort would prove to be in vain since we just got news that one of our doctor friend is very sick or as my boss has put it - "dying" and he says we might be able to sublet it from them and perhaps get two months rent free if we talk to the soon-to-be widower. I don't understand how low your morals had to be to take advantage of a woman who's husband is about to die. Doesn't that stay in your conscience? Don't you go to hell for this kind of things?
Anyway, I have to do a website for the new organization, translate our pamphlets, do inventory for furnitures and machines. I'm quite busy these days.

Principe Rana quits his new job a week into it. I knew it was gonna happen, it's too far and he never think about it before doing something drastic like this. There's no transportation for him to come home after a certain hour on weekends and he'll hae to rely on someone else to drive him to the station. So he has been 'unemployed' this week, and walking the streets looking for work. It hasn't been easy for him, he's bored and worried and those feelings got passed on to me as well. On top of it, he occupies space and take over the TV. Nothing I can do about it. To lift his spirit a bit, I took off Monday and bring him to DC with me. I didn't realize that it takes like 3 hours to get there and by the time we were there, it's already the afternoon. He being the photo-freak, we took pictures of almost everything we see. We stopped when it got dark.

For this year, I got a 'Thanksgiving Meal For Two' at a local supermarket. Everything is cooked so I don't have to slave all day for a meal that would be finished in 20 minutes. For $45 dollars, it has One and a half pounds of turkey, one and a half pounds od wild rice mushroom stuffing, one and a half pounds of mash potatoes, green beans, gravy and cranberry sauce and a small pumpkin pie. Given the green beans are a little on the raw side and the stuffing is a bit tough and it's no way as good as home cooking, but it's pretty good especially, again, you don't have to cook anything. The portions are more than generous. I'll just recook the beans and the rice, no big deal.

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