A Seemingly Relaxing Saturday

>> Saturday, November 04, 2006

I was never a good painter. I did a shabby piece and got published in my high school yearbook, but it wasn't because I was extremely talented. It was because nobody else paid any effort. It was quite easy to get into my high school yearbook. I got a piece of writing in there too, and trust me it was crap, I'm so embarrassed when I read it now.

If you couldn't draw well like me but you want to make an effort, let me recommend you a product I found - "Oil Painting by Numbers". I don't know if you have ever played a game in some children magazine while you were young; A figure made of from a bunch of cells with different numbers or shapes on it. You are suppose to fill in the color with the corresponding cells; 1 is white, 2 is black, 3 is yellow, 4 is blue, etc. After you color all the cells, you'll find out that the cells form a fish or a giraffe or a clowns face. "Oil Painting by Numbers" is a more grown up format of this game, but you know what you are painting before hand. After filling the correspondent piece properly, you'll get a masterpiece! I just got "The Last Supper" and a fruit and lobster still, I can't wait to start painting them. They also have "Water Color by Numbers", "Sketches by Numbers" and "Color Pencils by Numbers". Try them out!

Tower Records are closing their doors forever and they are having a sale. Although, it is not a good sale yet. Only 30% off the regular price, but the regular prices are like $19 for CDs and $29 for DVDs. I can get better deals on Amazon. I guess people are downloading music and movies too much or shopping online, so music and book stores like Tower Records and Borders won't be making much profits.

Went to Pink Rose and got myself a giant size piece of Banana Cream Pie. Pink Rose is a nice pastry shop that features giant pieces of cakes and pies. I got a pot of Darjeeling to go along with it, the piece of pie is so big that I can't even finish the whole thing. I also got a haircut and a dye job. It's dark brown now. I always liked that color of hair.

El Principe got a job somewhere else now. The bad thing about it is that he leaves for work around 8:00 in the morning and don't come back until after midnight, which means my love life is officially dead. I wonder how he can make a decision like that without thinking about me. I wish he would look for a job nearer to the city, so he don't have to spend an hour traveling each way. Ayeeee, so he'll go to work the same time I do and when he comes back I'll be sleeping. Why do I even need him then?

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