Desperate Women and The Ordeals They Go Through

>> Tuesday, February 07, 2012

In the dumbest move I've seen in years, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation withdrew their funding from Planned Parenthood during the Planned Parenthood political storm. They said they don't fund organizations that are being investigated but their new Senior VP for Public Policy, Karen Handel, ran a 2010 gubernatorial campaign in Georgia on the platform of defunding Planned Parenthood especially their breast and cervical cancer screenings. So go figure. Also the founder of Komen is also a longtime GOP donor.

I mean, just the fact that a foundation to have a women's disease as a cause but not supporting women's rights is completely mindboggling. I guess they let their political agenda blind them on everything. To think that a non-profit that largely depends on donations to actively seek out a controversy and let its fate decided in the hands of the public. Last year, Planned Parenthood received $650,000 for 170,000 screenings, that's less than $4 a pop amongst other additional things they provide. Oh did you know that the annual salary of the CEO at Komen is at about $460,000?

Within 24 hours, Bloomberg and other folks already made up the lost funding. Thousands of celebrities and us regular folks had sworn off Komen. Sure they've reinstated the funding and apologize but I think it a bit too late. Way to discredit a well-established organization in the shortest amount of time possible.


I know I don't need to but I do feel bad for Madonna. Her hunger for fame and recognition seemed never had faded; even after becoming the unrefuted Queen of Pop. There's a smell of desperation, as seen on the leg spreading cover of Hard Candy, the jeans commercial for GAP with Missy or the recent cheerleading song with teen star Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. You're 53, Madge. A teenage cheerleading song should be reserved for your daughter's debut. L.U.V Madonna, Y.O.U. You wanna? Sorry, but my answer is no!

True, she gave a very decent performance on the Superbowl Half Time show. It's obviously lipsynched, but she looked great and the music arrangement was superb. She better have a kick as album to follow up on her act. Acting young and do what the kids like is really not the way to go. Cher had her farewell tour that lasted forever and now still performing in Vegas occasionally. I think Madge should follow suite and age with dignity.

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