The Rent Boy Who Told

>> Friday, May 07, 2010

Sorry for missing a couple of days, the past few days I celebrated my first anniversary with the boyfriend which was sweet and then got pulled away to go to NYC with a friend which was exhausting. Maybe due to the heat and allergy, I've been getting up real early which makes me really tired early in the evening and blogging hence suffered.

On Tuesday, Joe.My.God posted gleefully posted the newest scandal in which the Co-founder of anti-gay group Family Research Council, 61 year old Reverend Dr. George Rekers was caught in a picture with a 20 years old rent boy. I have to say the picture is very non-descriptive. It's just old man Rekers, arranging his luggage right next to a young guy in front of the elevators. If it's not for the young man's pixelated face, there's nothing odd or incriminating about it.

The back story of this picture is that Dr. Rekers has hired this 20 years old male escort Jo-Vanni Roman aka Lucien, to accompany him to a 10-day full expense paid European vacation, but of course, Dr. Rekers denies it. Rekers claimed that he recently had surgery, so he hired the escort to lift his luggage for him but according to the above pictures, you can see that Rekers is doing the heavy lifting himself and the escort is just standing idly around. The funny thing is that he had no problems admitting that he found his luggage carrier from, which is site primarily for finding escorts. I mean there's naked pictures everywhere and the profile of the rent boy does describe his cock size, which hardly relates to luggage.

Later Rekers retraced and says he was trying to convert the young man and cure him of his homosexuality. Yeah, I'm not buying it until he pays me $300/hr for 10 days straight. Roughly $72,000? If you pay me that much, maybe I'll cover some of your lies. Not only am I not buying, within 24 hours after the story broke Family Research Council has erased Dr. Rekers' name from their website and even pretend they don't know him personally. University of South Carolina has also erased any trace of Dr. Rekers after the scandal even though he used to be a tenured professor at USC. It shows you the reality of homophobia and how fickle these people are.

At first, the male prostitute would not verify the story but after being asked over and over again, Jo-Vanni admits that they did have sex and that Rekers likes long full body rubs. Though later, he back pedaled and claimed that sex has never occurred and that Rekers is a very kind, family-values man. (Whatever that means.)

My difficulty with this story comes in several folds. First, again with the picture. Just one picture proves nothing so there must be other evidence that there was a sexual relations between these two people. The Miami New Times wrote that they have obtained email conversation between them so my hunch is that rent-boy Jo-Vanni told. If not, nobody would know to take a picture in a busy airport of them two. There was either blackmailing involved or maybe some friends of Jo-Vanni found out that Rekers is a big time anti-gay activist and he's hurting the gay community so Jo-Vanni decided to out him. Condemning homosexuality and attempts to cure them, raises up the chartreuse flag that the self-righteous one is hiding a big gay secret and we're all just thrilled when scandals like break loose.

Secondly, Dan Savage always says that the main benefit of hiring professional help is that they will keep it a secret. "You're paying them to not talk." Maybe I'm too naive of thinking every prostitute receives a handbook when they start selling themselves, I'm sure not all of them have the professionalism and especially not from a 20 years old who's under tremendous pressure from the press but this kid seems to be extremely cooperative. It's hard to imagine he's get much clientele who prefer discreet service here on after. By the way, I think a man lusting after another man more than 3 times his junior is somewhat pedophiliac.

Third, I'm still a bit suspect of the motivation of Jo-Vanni. Why is he changing his story yet again? Did he squeeze Rekers for some funds to keep quiet? Of course, I don't feel any sympathy for Rekers but I refuse to think that Jo-Vanni is completely innocent either.

So the life of a big time homophobe hypocrite got ruined, I know I''m glad.

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